Clinical Classic™ Stethoscope

Clinical Classic™ Stethoscope     

Model: 127

Accessories Included: Two sizes of soft eartips, replacement diaphragm, bell and diaphragm assembly, ID Tag
Overall Length: Appx. 27"*
Weight: Appx. 7.0 oz*
Warranty: Lifetime with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts
Ideal For: Cardiologists, Respiratory Specialists, General Practitioners, Internists, ER, Medical Students, EMTs

*Due to the handmade craftsmanship and material attributes, actual specifications may vary.

Code: HPK

Color: Hot Pink

Featuring an ergonomically designed single sided chestpiece, the Clinical Classic™ enables medical professionals to comfortably hold and manipulate the chestpiece during auscultation. The Clinical Classic™ incorporates a snap-on fiberglass diaphragm with excellent frequency range response for a broad change of higher-level diagnostics.

MSRP: $99.95